Villa in Seminyak Center | Villa Carissa, 3 bedrooms Villa With a Private Pool

Villa Carissa a private Villa in Seminyak, with Swimming Pool

Why rent a villa in Seminyak? For those who wish to stay in the ‘downtown’ of the island, we have selected traditional and fusion villas in the heart of Seminyak. Are you looking for a well located villa in Seminya? To be sure of having the perfect holiday in Bali, Villa Carissa is one of the best villas in Seminyak and one of the the best destination for your Bali villa rentals.

Seminyak is a former favorite seaside resort of surfers in the 70s has become over the decades the gathering place for restaurants and the most beautiful shops. Although it is part of the agglomeration of Kuta, which is nonetheless a chic and charming place where there are sumptuous villas for rent in Seminyak.

Seminyak is renowned for its many merchants: between department stores and small designers, for its famous restaurants throughout Asia but also for these magnificent villa rentals in Seminyak. As you will have understood, Seminyak is lively and dynamic and remains the destination of choice if you want to mix idleness, shopping and partying. Bask in a solarium on the beach of Seminyak also called the ‘Double Six’ while sipping a fresh coconut or tasty cocktails.

Learn to surf and go listen in the evening at sunset to many musical groups close to your villa rental in Seminyak. Unearth small designers from all over the world who have come to settle in Bali: ready-to-wear, jewellery, leather goods and even antique dealers, there is something for everyone! Let yourself be tempted by one of the many renowned spa centers all over the island for a pure moment of well-being and relaxation.

Villa carissa in seminyak
Booking online | Villa Carissa in Seminyak

Villa Carissa, 3 bedroom private pool villa in Seminyak Center

The modern Balinese-style Villa Carissa is located in the heart of Seminyak, offers a private outdoor pool, an enclosed garden for your privacy and a sunny terrace.

It is a very happening area with many attractions, restaurants, bars, various shops, spas or even nightclubs. Close to all amenities and places to relax and have fun, the beaches are accessible even on foot which makes this area very attractive!

Villa Carissa has 3 air-conditioned bedrooms and 3 private bathrooms. All rooms come with a personal safety box.

Includes an equipped kitchen with stove, fridge and microwave. For your comfort, you will enjoy a dining area overlooking the pool.

Complimentary breakfast will be personally prepared in your villa at your preferred time each morning between 7 am and 11 am.

Relax in this stunning 3-bedroom pool villa with lush garden, located in the heart of cosmopolitan Seminyak, just 2 mn walk from Jalan Laksmana (Eat Street, recently renamed Jl. Kayu Aya). It doesn’t get more central than this! Located a few meters from the most exciting restaurants, spas and shops of the island and a stone’s throw from the beach, Villa Carissa is the ideal place to discover the magical atmosphere of the tropical region of Bali. Location, location, location!

Carissa villa in seminyak

3 Bedrooms at Villa Carissa

The Villa Carissa features a bright and spacious master suite designed modernly with traditional Balinese touches. Providing cool air-conditioned room, comfortable and relaxing space to unwind after a long day of adventures.

Bed room 1 villa carissa in seminyak
Bedroom 1 Villa Carissa in Seminyak
Bedroom 2 villa carissa in seminyak
Bedroom 2 Villa Carissa in Seminyak
Bedroom 3 villa carissa in seminyak
Bedroom 3 Villa Carissa in Seminyak

The private bathroom of the bedroom is one of the strong points of the villa with its magnificent bathtub in the room downstairs. Ideal for a relaxing soak or a fun flower bath, bask in the luxury of the warm, deep waters with a book or meditative music. Also featuring a rain shower and modern amenities, the en-suite bathroom brings an extra touch of extravagance to The Villa Carissa.

Outdoor spaces

Villa Cariisa has a private terrace and out-door private pool providing a relaxing and sunny spot to spend a lazy day. Whether you like to enjoy the sun or hide in the shade, the terrace is able to meet everyone’s needs. You can stand in the pool or lay back for an afternoon siesta. It’s the perfect intimate villa extension for spending some quality one-on-one time with your loved one in a tropical paradise.

Interior spaces

The enclosed living room of Villa offers a cool escape from the Bali sun. Filled with colorful decor and Balinese touch, it’s a contemporary space to spend tropical evenings dining on delicious local delicacies.

The equipped kitchenette is ideal if you are looking to prepare homemade meals or snacks throughout your trip. Serve your treats on the dining table or order from the room service menu to sample dishes cooked by the in-house chefs. The quaint living room features a relaxing sofa, perfect for kicking back with your favorite book. Surrounded by windows, the room fills with natural light while allowing you to enjoy the magnificent view of the garden and the sea.

Staff and services

Villa Carissa managed by a team of friendly and dedicated staff. With housekeepers and security, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Offering uncompromising service to help arrange additional services such as chefs, spa treatments and tour drivers, the team wants to ensure you have the most memorable trip. Read also: Seminyak Center long term rental Villa Carissa 3-bedroom

Seaside Villa in Seminyak

During your stay in Bali, Villa Carissa is ideal for beautiful evenings with friends with drinks around the pool or on the balcony. You can easily prolong the party in the various bars and nightclubs around.

The main living room is a large open space combining kitchen, dining room and living room, spacious enough to accommodate 7 people (see our room configurations). In the garden, the downstair bedroom offer a view of the swimming pool. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. The bathrooms are closed and it invites you to relax. The modern-traditional architecture is great. The roofs in alang alang (Indonesian thatch) bring an incredible height under ceiling.

Every morning, the villa attendant and serves your breakfast. If you want to organize a special dinner, call on a chef who will come and cook directly at your villa. This villa has all the assets to make you spend an original and exceptional stay with several people.

Located in the tourist town of Seminyak, you are close to all amenities, directly accessible on foot: beach, shops, restaurants, nightlife… It takes about 20 minutes by car to reach your villa from the airport.

This seaside town is often described as “bobo chic”. Discovering Bali is possible with a private driver for the day. Live unforgettable experiences such as rafting on the river in the middle of the jungle or an elephant back safari in a beautiful wooded park.

It takes 10 minutes to reach the KUDETA beach on foot. In the surrounding streets, many spas invite you to relax. It is not excluded to leave for the day with a private driver to discover the sumptuous landscapes of the island of the gods. Please Google our address to see more of the surrounding streets:

Beaches in the neighbourhood

  • Petitenget Beach: 650 m (0.40 miles)
  • Seminyak Beach: 650 m (0.40 miles)
  • Double Six Beach: 800 m (0.49 miles)
  • Batu Belig Beach: 900 m (0.55 miles)
  • Legian Beach: 1.6 km (0.99 miles)

Ready to book your villa in Seminyak center?

Located in Center Seminyak – Bali, Villa Carissa offers a private swimming pool and enclosed garden to guarantee your privacy. You can book your private pool villa here with us.

What to do and see in Seminyak Bali?

Seminyak in Bali is one of the most family-friendly towns in the southern part of this famous Indonesian island. Sitting on the coast, it is a certified beach destination that offers exquisite and incredible sunsets in Bali. Seminyak in Bali is also home to many boutique hotels and luxurious resorts. Unlike neighboring Kuta, the town is more laid back and sophisticated. What to do and see in Seminyak Bali? Of course, the main attraction of this area is the long stretches of golden sand, but visitors to Seminyak also enjoy a huge range of additional activities to do while staying in Bali.

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Seminyak is a chic and lively area of Bali. Of course, tourism has a lot to do with it. Seminyak concentrates restaurants, night establishments, hotels or even shops.

Due to this popularity, Seminyak is a bustling city day and night. During the day, many barges go shopping or bask on the beaches of Double Six or Petitenget. At night, many of them go to the best restaurants in town to end up in one of the beach clubs or one of the most popular nightclubs in Bali.

Ideas of What to do and see in Seminyak Bali?

Seminyak in Bali is the favorite place of Bali’s ex-pat community. That’s because it’s the kind of place where you can relax and pamper yourself with glorious spa-like services. Aside from the many spa facilities, it also offers excellent shopping opportunities. In fact, Seminyak is arguably the most fashionable town in South Bali. Here you will find a fantastic variety of handmade clothing, accessories and jewelry. The town is also home to some of the most exclusive restaurants and bars on the island, but there are also other eateries that cater to a range of tighter budgets. Rooftop dining is a popular dining experience in Seminyak. Jalan Oberoi (aka Laksmana or Kayu Aya), Jalan Dhyana Pura (aka Abimanyu) and Jalan Petitenget are some of the most notable food streets in the city.

Seminyak is perfect when traveling with children as it has many licensed rental villas equipped with full kitchens, multiple rooms, large bathrooms and swimming pools. It is also possible to hire temporary nannies from hotels and villa complexes. It is very easy and convenient to bring children to the beach. You can even rent a bike and ride a path that stretches across the beach.

Take your morning coffee

In town, taking your morning or afternoon can be a memorable travel experience in Seminyak Bali. This is because many cafes and restaurants offer you the opportunity to taste Civet coffee or Kopi luwak. The coffee is made from coffee beans eaten and digested by a native cat, the Civet. Drinking cat poop may seem very unappealing, but Kopi luwak has a very distinct taste, making it one of the most expensive coffees in the world, give it a try if you love coffee!

Walk through its main streets

The Seminyak area is divided into two main streets that are a must visit. Where are the main shops, the best restaurants, fashion stores, hotels, pubs, etc.


If this place has anything special, it is the clothing stores. It is full of stores, but we already warned that the prices are like those in your city (a bit pricy) because Seminyak is high-end areas in Bali.

If you walk through the two main streets you will see that there is so much supply to choose that fashion lovers will feel very happy.

Go to Seminyak’s beach clubs

There is a lot of offer regarding Beach Clubs in Seminyak, I’m not going to talk about them in this post but you have the link in case you want to take a look at them. We’ll leave you a couple to get an idea.

Ku De Ta.- The Ku De Ta bar restaurant is located on Seminyak Beach. It is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. Sun loungers, swimming pool and good music make this place one of the best to disconnect and relax. Read also: Seminyak Beach Club | Chic, Glamorous and Flashy | Perfect For Both Day and Night

Sugar Sand.- Another Restuarante Bar and another of the Beach Clubs in Seminyak. Located in front of the beach and where we can have a drink or eat something.

Spas, massages, yoga and mani pedi

Keep this phrase: Going to Bali is going to relax and disconnect. We have already said it before, you can’t go to Bali in Indonesia and not give yourself a good relaxing massage.

Many yoga classes are organized in Seminyak. Some of them you need to book in advance.

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Cultural visit to Petitenget Temple

Enrich yourself with cultural life!
The Petitenget Temple, known as Pura Petitenget, is a temple found in the area. Built in the 15th century where offerings are held and ceremonies are held almost every day. There are several legends surrounding this temple.


Like other parts of Bali, surfing is a popular activity on the beaches of Seminyak and its surroundings. Although the spots here aren’t as big as those in Kuta or Uluwatu, the waves are enough to keep a surf novice happy. The surf season is from April to November, and the best time of day is early morning. Some of the larger beachfront hotels have their own lifeguards to watch surfers and swimmers on Seminyak’s beaches.

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Amidst the modern buildings that adorn Seminyak in Bali, the Pura Petitenget temple stands proud and distinct. Located just off the town’s main beach; This serene and well-preserved Hindu temple is well worth visiting, especially if you are already at the beach. Descend by the temple before sunset so you can admire how the softening light touches the intricate features of the temple. Just be sure to bring a sarong to wrap your legs around as it is a requirement to visit any temple in Bali.

At 6 p.m., consider walking along Seminyak Beach to experience a free, beautiful show that puts the sun out over the blue ocean.

Outdoor dining near beach in seminyak
Outdoor dining near beach in Seminyak. Photo credit: Piqsels (Public Domain)

What to do and see in Seminyak for 1 day?

Stay in a private villa

Stay in a private villa, indulge in a spa, treat yourself to designer clothes in an upscale boutique or simply relax on the beach in Seminyak, the chic alternative to bustling Kuta.

Check out this villa: Villa in Seminyak | Villa Carissa, 3 bedrooms Villa With a Private Pool

Beaches are quieter

On the road north to Seminyak from Kuta, either following the coast or via Jalan Legian, you will notice a change in mood. The beaches are quieter, the buildings more glitzy and the goods in the shops more expensive. All these differences have allowed Seminyak to forge its identity, that of a chic destination.

Shopping in Seminyak

You can easily spend an entire day shopping in Seminyak. Here you will find the most famous brands and independent boutiques. Prices are high compared to other parts of Bali, but still lower than those found in western countries. Jalan Laksmana is home to many designer boutiques, while at Seminyak Square you can pick up bargains away from the hustle and bustle of the high streets.

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Bali’s best restaurants, many located along Jalan Kayu Aya and Petitenget 

Come mealtime, Bali’s best restaurants, many located along Jalan Petitenget, will satiate your stomach. Lunch or dinner on a rooftop terrace is common here: order a cold beer or a cocktail and nonchalantly watch the hustle and bustle of the street. Read also: Restaurants in Seminyak including Bars and Nightlife, Fun and Places To Go Out

Temple of Petitenget

To experience traditional Bali, head straight for the Temple of Petitenget, a typical ornate structure near the beach. Many religious ceremonies often take place there, sometimes down to the beach.


To regain your strength, book a treatment in the many wellness centers in the area. You can also go sunbathing on the beach where it is much easier to find a quiet spot than on the Kuta coast. Seminyak Beach offers some of the calmest waves on the island, ideal for trying your hand at surfing. Along Double Six Beach, you can indulge in horseback riding, enjoy a massage or sip a fresh fruit cocktail.

To get the most out of Seminyak, get around on foot. Traffic is often heavy and public transport is not very efficient. You can also rent a bicycle or moped or take a taxi from Seminyak Square. Read also: Tips for Scooter Travelers in Bali | Safety, Price, Road conditions, Driving license and Insurance

Source: CleverlySmart

Photo credit: Mrsvickyaltaie / Pixabay

Ready to book your villa in Seminyak center?

Located in Center Seminyak – Bali, Villa Carissa offers a private swimming pool and enclosed garden to guarantee your privacy. You can book your private pool villa here with us.

Why choose SEMINYAK during your trip to Bali?

Seminyak is located on the south-west coast of Bali in the northern extension of Kuta and Legian. Why choose SEMINYAK during your trip to Bali? Seminyak is one of Bali’s hottest spots, and it’s pretty easy to see why. If you are wondering if Seminyak is for you for your next vacation or expatriation to Bali, follow the guide.

Destination par excellence for a honeymoon, more snobbish and luxurious than these two neighbours, this small town is attracting more and more tourists. That is why, we are going to discover what are the interests and the defects of this place…

Choose Seminyak for its geographical location

Its location a few kilometers from Denpasar and its airport but also from the well-known Tanah Lot temple and facing a magnificent beach is, without a doubt, one of its main assets!

Like Kuta, Legian or Canggu, its location is ideal for sightseeing, enjoying the beaches or getting closer to the airport at the start or end of the circuit.

For your transport in Asia, here is a very practical link: Bali Airport PickUp, Drop-Off Service, Excursion, Travel and Transportation Services at Villa Carissa

Choose Seminyak for its tourist assets

There are not a lot of temples in Seminyak, except for small temples that you can discover at the bend of a street…

But a few kilometers by taxi or scooter, you can easily discover the interior of the island of BALI with its many beautiful temples and rice terraces.

Choose Seminyak for its beautiful beach

Seminyak beach is one of the best known and most beautiful in Bali. Very long, it leaves from Kuta Beach and arrives to Canggu.

All along this beach, you will find deckchairs, bars, restaurants, beach clubs… and of course it is very popular with tourists from all over the world!

Especially since it is also a good surf spot and everywhere along this beach, you can rent boards…

Finally, in the evening, you can enjoy many nice, trendy places to enjoy some good cocktails while admiring the sunset…

Choose Seminyak for its atmosphere

In Seminyak, the atmosphere is relaxing, calm, relaxed unlike Kuta. It is also more chic, trendy, luxurious. All along the coast, there are many restaurants and luxurious hotels, standing, upscale. This is also where you will find beautiful prestigious villas in the middle of the rice fields with high-end services.

To relax, you can take advantage of the spas, massage parlors, meditation classes, etc.

But, if you are looking to party or go out at night, Seminyak is also a trendy place with its bars, clubs, discos…

Choose Seminyak for Shopping

Seminyak is the place to go if you are looking for fashion boutiques. In fact, for several years, designers from all over the world have been coming here in large numbers and offering their brands to tourists ready to spend their money… You can find them, among other places, in the streets of Jalan Raya Seminyak, Oberoi or Petitenget .

Among the most luxurious stores, you will also find jewelry stores and beautiful decoration, design and furnishing stores.

Choose Seminyak for its hotels and villas

Indeed, the offer of luxury hotels in Seminyak is important. If you are looking for a 5-star hotel, a resort or even a paradise villa, you will be spoiled for choice.

On the other hand, the offer of cheap hotels in Seminyak is more limited… This is why, I will communicate to you below the 2 good plans that I was able to unearth:

The best villa in Seminyak: Villa Carissa Seminyak at Jalan Mertasari No. 3 (around USD 200 per night)

Why choose this villa Carissa in Seminyak?

For its location: 10 minutes walk from the beach!
For its very low price: room from around USD 200 per night.
For its private swimming pool.
For its calm.
For its cleanliness.
For its services: bed and breakfast, television, fiber optic wifi (fast)…
For the friendliness of the staff.

See this villa on Booking

Why choose this villa in Seminyak?

Because it’s a beautiful villa: air-conditioned rooms with fully equipped kitchen, living room with flat-screen satellite TV…
For its location in a chic area 800m from the beach and a few minutes walk from the famous Potato Head promenade, bars and restaurants;
For its swimming pool;
For its services: Bicycle or car rental service, massages, outside laundry service, shuttle service in the surrounding area + airport, etc.
For its originality (villa of character with a modern and refined design);
For its excellent value for money: only US$ 200 per night for a fully equipped villa with 3 bedrooms!

What can we blame Seminyak for?

Perhaps to be a little more expensive and less popular than other places on the southwest coast of Bali…

Photo credit: Piqsels (Public Domain)

Private Pool Villa

Private Pool Villa Carissa is centrally located in Seminyak, Beautiful Villa with Private Pool, Bali Villa offers air-conditioned accommodation with a terrace. This property has a private swimming pool.

Is it close to Kudeta Beach and Temple. The nearest airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport, 8 km from Beautiful Villa Carissa with Private Pool, in Bali.

Eat Street is where everyone wants to be. This is Seminyak’s fanciest area, full of trendy cafes, bars, designer boutiques, spas, restaurants and beach clubs. Eat Street, Oberoi Road and Jalan Kayu Aya = all the same street

Private Pool Villa in Eat Street Seminyak

Eat Street is also known as Oberoi Road and Jalan Kayu Aya. This bustling shopping and dining street is always busy day and night. In the little lanes around Eat Street you’ll find all sorts of villas ideal for holidaymakers who want to be able to walk to Eat Street and the beach in minutes. Eat Street is a shopper’s paradise. Walk up and down and you’ll find clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, children’s and surf wear, and home goods stores.

When you stay near Eat Street, you’ll be within walking distance of the best beaches, clubs, bars and restaurants such as Sistefields, Motel Mexicola, Ultimo and Monsieur Spoon.

You can go for a sunset drink at KU DE TA and walk back. You can change, get dressed and go to dinner afterwards and change again before diving into the nightlife. Your villa is always nearby and you don’t even have to worry about taking a taxi home in the middle of the night after partying in La Favela, You can just walk because your villa is only a few minutes away. Ideal!

Villa Carissa with Private Pool

Villa Carissa is located just 2 minutes walk from Eat Street in Seminyak, very central but tucked away in a quiet lane. You can easily walk to Kudeta Beach or Seminyak Beach or Double Six Beach, whichever beach you prefer the most. You can go shopping, eat, party and you can always walk home in minutes. The villa is one of a kind inspired by Modern Balinese houses. The villa has 3 bedrooms and a large garden with swimming pool. A gem!

Private pool villa carissa seminyak bali

Local secrets near Villa Carissa

Where to go for a coffee

Located in the tourist center of Seminyak, there are many options for having a coffee. Favorite places within walking distance of Villa Abida are SOUQ Organic, Shelter Cafe, The Koop and Corner House.

Where to have breakfast

If you’re not staying to have breakfast by the pool of your private villa, you can stroll down Drupadi Street and have a delicious breakfast at Wild-1. La Plancha also does a really good breakfast these days and if you’re heading to Eat Street try Sisterfields, Revolver Espresso or Clean Canteen.

Dinner time

If you want a taste of authentic Balinese cuisine, go get a plate of Babi Guling (suckling pig) at Pak Malen – they are famous for it. For sophisticated and famous restaurants, you have to go to Eat Street and Petitenget. Exceptional dining options are plentiful, from Sarong to
Merah Putih at Bambu, Mamasan, Metis, The Bistrot, La Lucciola, Ginger Moon and many more.

Nightlife and best bars

Seminyak is one of the best places to be in Bali if you are looking for night time entertainment. Start the evening slowly by listening to live performances on Double Six Beach (around sunset time). From there, check out other bands at the Orchard Bar or the Ryoshi House of Jazz. Then (maybe you need to dress up a bit at the villa) go dancing at La Favela, Mexicola or Potato Head.

The best spas

There are many local spa salons on every corner. You can get a massage or a pedicure for just a few dollars. For more high-end spas and beauty treatments in luxurious spa rooms, head to Prana Spa or Bodyworks. Ki Shiatsu offers great value for money and we also love the dancing finger massage at Jari Menari.

Things to do for families

Fun at the pool, beach, water parks (including Asia’s #1 WaterBom), shopping at Kids a Go-Go, ice cream at Gusto Gelato and admiring giant murals at Dream Muzeum Zone.

Things to do for couples

Romantic dinners, sunsets, walks on the beach, shopping and plenty of time to relax at the villa. Don’t forget to rent a scooter and drive together, explore Canggu or hit the beach in Uluwatu.

What guys will love

Beach clubs, cocktails, sunsets, parties, pools, surfing and the list goes on. Check out places like Mrs Sippy, Cocoon Beach Club and W Bali.

What girls will love

Girls will never tire of spas, shopping streets, beach clubs, cocktails and Instagrammable cafes.


Villa Carissa has a charming team of staff at your service during your stay. From the friendly housekeeping staff to the gardener and concierge to answer questions and handle your special requests, you’ll feel welcome.

To view our thos private pool villa in Seminyak please use this website or contact our reservations team – we are open 7 days a week. Or you can book online here

When you stay at Villa Carissa, you’re in the heart of Seminyak – you’ll have a great vacation here!

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Main photo credit: Piqsels

FAQs about Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre with Private Pool

You can find our FAQs about Villa Carissa, here. If you c’ant find them, please kindly contact us.

Quick FAQs about Villa Carissa | General information

General information
√ Check-in : 14:00 – 00:00
√ Check-out : 06:00 – 12:00 noon
√ Free fiber optic WiFi
√ Enclosed garden
√ Non smoking (you can smoke outdoor only)
√ Patio
√ Safety box in each room
√ Television
√ Air conditioning in all bedrooms and living room.
√ Private swimming pool
Free breakfast
√ Closed living room (flexible open and closed living)
√ Villa of 220 m² (2368 sf²)
√ Kitchen
√ 1 Baby cot (crib) Nuna SENA™ aire
√ The closest airport to get to get to our villa will be Denpasar Bali airport (DPS)

What are the check-in and check-out times at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre?

Check-in at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre is from 2:00 PM, and check-out is until 12:00 PM (noon).

Check-in instructions

Host greets you.
Villa Manager number (WhatsApp): +628113526000 For smooth check-in please kindly give information your approximative check-in time (or your flight details). Thank you.

Booking payment method

You can pay your booking securely with PayPal.

What payment methods can I use with PayPal?
With PayPal, you can use the following payment methods:

  • Your bank account.
  • Your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card.

Is there a private pool available to guests staying at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre?

Yes, there’s a private pool. You can find out more about this and the other facilities at Villa Carissa on this page.

Where is Villa Carissa located?

Our location is in Seminyak Centre.

How close to the beach is Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre?

The nearest beach is Kudeta; 800 m (10 mn walk) from Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre.

How far is Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre from the center of Seminyak?

Our villa is located in theart of Seminyak. When you go out from the main entrance, turn right. Walk around 1 minute and you’ll arrive in the city centre of Seminyak.

What kind of breakfast is served at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre?

Guests staying at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre can enjoy a highly-rated breakfast during their stay (guest review score: 9 from 10, according to

Breakfast option(s) include:
  • Continental
  • Asian
  • American
  • À la carte

Daily Breakfast includes: Fresh tropical fruit juice of the day, Fresh tropical fruit platter, Tea or Coffee. Plus you may choose a hot dish!

Complimentary breakfast will be personally prepared in your villa at your preferred time each morning between 7 A.M. to 11 A.M.

Floating breakfast experience

Must try romantic morning breakfast. Forget breakfast in bed!

Start your day in style and indulge yourself to unforgettable floating breakfast experience at the comfort of your private pool at Villa Carissa.

Green best-practices at the Villa Carissa

We are trying to reduce our environmental impact through green best-practices in maintenance, services, logistics, products, and supplies. The core elements revolve around reducing waste, saving energy, and cutting down on water usage in our property.

Please kindly help us by reducing your impact on the environment (Customer Eco-friendly Attitudes):
  • Your willingness to reuse linen/towels.
  • Use the air-conditioning controls conservatively.
  • Turn off lights and electronic/electrical appliances whenever you don’t use them.
  • Reaching out to our local businesses—especially farmers, food producers, and artisan creators, it may reduce your carbon footprint while significantly improving your offer.

Is Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre popular with families?

Yes, Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre is popular with guests booking family stays.

How do I get to Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre from the nearest airport?

From the nearest airport, you can get to Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre by:

Taxi around 25min.

Villa Carissa is a 20-minute drive from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. Please Google it:

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How many bedrooms does have Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre have?

Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre has the following number of bedrooms:
3 bedrooms

  • 1st bedroom, located in the downstairs: with 1 double bed (cannot be changed)
  • 2nd bedroom, located in the upstairs: with 1 double bed (can be separated into 2 single beds).
  • 3rd bedroom, located in the upstairs: with 2 single beds (cannot be changed), but we can move them close to each other.

1 extra bed can be installed in the 2nd bedroom only.

For more detailed info, check the accommodation option(s) breakdown on this page.

How many guests can sleep at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre (maximum capacity)?

FAQs about Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre can accommodate this group size:

7 guests maximum.
For more detailed info, check the accommodation option(s) breakdown on this page.

Does Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre have a balcony?

Yes, there are options at this property that have a balcony. You can find out more about this and the other facilities at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre on this page.

Does Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre have a pool?

Yes, our villa has an outdoor private pool. See details about the pool and other facilities on this page.

Does Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre have a terrace?

Yes, there is a terrace at this property. You can find out more about this and the other facilities at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre on this page.

What is there to do at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre?

Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre offers the following activities/services (charges apply): laundry / drycleaning, travel and tours in Bali on this page.

How much does it cost to stay at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre?

The prices at Dream Villa Carissa Seminyak Centre may vary depending on your stay (e.g. dates, villa’s policy etc.). To see prices, enter your dates on this page.

Smoking policy

No smoking is allowed in the lounge/sofa and inside the bedrooms.

You are allowed to smoke in outside areas, such as: on the balcony, the poolside and terrace.

When you smoke outside, please kindly make sure that all doors stay shut so the smoke smell doesn’t go into the bedroom/living room. Thank you.

Nearby restaurants, cafés, pubs and shops

Many good restaurants, cafés, pubs and shops nearby:

  • 1 mn walk: Ultimo (Italian), Italian Job, Rumors (European, Asian).
  • 3 mn walk: Café Bali, Batik (European, Asian), Yoshinoya (Japanese).
  • 10 mn walk: The Bistrot (Europe, Asia), La Favela (European, Asian) after 8-9 pm it turns out to be a cool place for clubbing!
  • 10 minutes walk: Kudeta Beach Club.
  • And many more…

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Seminyak Beach Club | Chic, Glamorous and Flashy | Perfect For Both Day and Night

Guest access

Entire villa.

Other things to note

Complimentary daily breakfast will be personally prepared in your villa at your preferred time each morning between 7 am and 11 am. Try our floating breakfast!

Cleaning is everyday and we are using cleaning supplies with disinfectant.

Car park and scooters

We really recommend you come to our villa either with a private driver or your scooter/motorcycle. Nearby paid car park option: Seminyak Square is 100 meters away (328 feet away from our villa). You can walk from this car park to our villa around 5 – 7 minutes.
If you decide to rent a scooter, you can park it on the premises for free (first come first serve basis).
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Families and children

We have welcomed many families and guests bringing children at our Villa. We love children and our space has inflatables and children’s books and dvd, as well as a terrace with garden that’s great for children to play. However, by making a reservation and staying at our Villa, you acknowledge the design of our Villa which naturally has plenty of stairs, steps and edges. We also have a swimming pool which is not specifically designed to accommodate young children. By staying at our Villa, you agree to attend to your children at all times and be held responsible for any children-related incidents when staying at the Villa.

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Baby cot (crib)

We have 1 baby cot (crib) for you to use free of charge during your stay if needed. A child’s safety is your responsibility. NEVER leave your child unattended.

Brand Nuna, type: SENA™ aire: Dimensions open: L 103 x W 76 x H 73 cm (L 40.55 x W 30 x H 28.74 inches).


Please be considerate! No noise between 22:00 and 7:00. Thank you.


Please note that we have the right to deny entry if the persons who show up for the stay ARE NOT the one who made the reservation, unless this was communicated prior and agreed by us (for a security reason). If you want to make an indirect booking using somebody else’s Airbnb account for example (through your friend’s or family’s account, please make sure that this would be communicated with us in advance). Concerning our local regulations, a copy of ID card (Identification Card) or passport will be asked when you do a check-in and we will ask you to complete a registration form. Thank you for your kind understanding.

House rules

Check-in: after 14:00.
Check-out: before 12:00 noon.
No parties or events.

Free Wifi with Fiber Optic Internet Connection

Fast internet connection with fiber optic internet connection @VillaCarissaBali and no more long waits to upload or send large files. Whether you’re travelling for business or for leisure – or combining both – you have access to the latest technologies throughout your stay, We implemented the optic-fiber for the villa’s wifi connection! It is an internet connection (wifi) which allows ultra fast navigation in peace and especially high speed. Enjoy to send your beautiful pictures of Bali to all your friends and family 🙂

Getting around

– If you decide to bring a car, nearby paid car park off premises option: Seminyak Square is 100 metres away (328 feet away from our villa).

– There will not be any public transportation close to our villa. However, you may download Grab or Go-Jek click the option “Go Car” apps (like Uber): to go around. Please note that if you go to Canggu area (for example Fins beach), they can only drop you of at Fins beach, but pick up with Grab is not allowed.

– If you want to use Grab app (like Uber) to find Villa Carissa: type the address: Villa Carissa Seminyak Bali and it’ll appear our villa. If not, you can type: villa Penelopy (it’s just the opposite of Complex Villa Taman Sekar 1, where Villa Carissa is situated.

– Use only BLUEBIRD taxi. They earned a reputation for being the most reliable and they use their meter. They have an app too, called My Bluebird. Just be aware there are other blue taxis that look like Bluebird but aren’t. The Bluebird taxis will have the word Bluebird written on them.

– Some people like to get around by scooters and we’ll be happy to help you if you’d like to rent a scooter during your stay in Seminyak. Scooter rental is normally starting from IDR70 000/day depending on the type of the scooter. If you give us a head’s up, we’ll be able to arrange the scooters to be ready upon your arrival. Before getting a scooter, make sure your international driving licence is valid and you’re covered to do so in your travel insurance. Read also: Tips for Scooter Travelers in Bali | Safety, Price, Road conditions, Driving license and Insurance

– You can hire a car with a driver in Bali for around 8-10 hours for approximately IDR 500 000 depending on the type/class of the car. This is the best and most convenient way to get around a specific region of the island. They are yours for the day and will take you where you need to go and pick you up too. It’s a good idea for sightseeing and if you want to move at your own pace without the added effort of finding taxis. Read also: Bali Airport PickUp, Drop-Off Service, Excursion, Travel and Transportation Services at Villa Carissa

– On foot: Concept restaurants, chic cocktail bars, sizzling clubs, designer boutiques, eclectic art galleries and the beautiful Seminyak shore—they’re hot to trot and there’s no better way to get intimately acquainted with them all then strolling at your leisure. If you’re walking away into that famous Bali sunset, don’t forget to come back! You can Google our address:


Bali International Airport

Ngurah Rai DPS Airport to our villa Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) (official:

Bali Airport  is the only airport in Bali, it has an international and domestic terminals. It is sometimes referred to internationally as Denpasar or on some internet flight-booking sites as Bali. Approximately 15.0 km/9.32 miles from the airport to our villa. It’ll take around 25-45 mn (depending on traffic). Public taxi airport fee: around IDR 150,000 – 200,000 Taxi booths are abundant at the arrival terminals.

Book and pay for your taxi in advance at an official taxi company counter and you will be immediately escorted to a designated cab at the exit.

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Option 2: Grab Lounge is a location for pick-up the passengers who use the Grab application service. Located in the International & Domestic arrival terminal Pick Up Zone.

NOTE: To order a GRAB with the app, you will have to have the GRAB app already installed and set-up on your phone and have the ability to use your phone in Bali. Bali airport has a free WiFi. Yes, you can also buy a SIM card at the airport to set this up.

Google our address:


Benoa Harbor Travel Distance: Approximately 22.0 km/13.67 miles. It’ll take around 35-45 mn (depending on traffic). Public taxi fee: around IDR 145,000 Taxis are abundant at the entrance to the port—be sure to use a licensed and preferably metered taxi to avoid having to negotiate for a reasonable fare.

Please Do not !!!

Do not engage in illegal activities anywhere on the property. This applies to both drugs and internet activities. Please remember that you have to follow the Indonesian laws. The owner of this villa is not liable if you are engaged with the illegal activities. The Residential Tenancy Act provide that a landlord may terminate a tenancy for illegal activity that meets one or more of the following requirements:

• Has caused or is likely to cause damage to the landlord’s property.

• Has adversely affected or likely to adversely affect the quiet enjoyment, security, safety or physical wellbeing of another occupant of the residential property.

• Has jeopardized or is likely to jeopardize a lawful right or interest of another occupant or the landlord. If you get caught by the authority, the remaining balance of your stay will not be refunded. And you cannot change the date to another date. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your kind attention and see you soon in Bali!

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In case of fire

Go out and turn RIGHT from the villa Carissa’s entrance door and walk straight to the main street.

If you must escape through smoke, get low and go under the smoke to your exit. Close doors behind you. If smoke, heat or flames block your exit routes, stay in the room with doors closed. Place a wet towel under the door and call the fire department or 1-1-3. OR from your mobile phone by calling 112.

Fire in Indonesian language is KEBAKARAN.

When evacuating the villa building, be sure to feel doors for heat before opening them to be sure there is no fire danger on the other side. If there is smoke in the air, stay low to the ground, especially your head, to reduce inhalation exposure.

Neighbourhood description

The villa is set on a green shady lane in an exclusive secure Villa Sekar Taman 1 complex. Villa Carissa lays within short walking distance to the beach and is surrounded by a great variety of restaurants, boutiques, bars and spas in chic Seminyak. For example, the chic Kudeta beach club is only 10 minutes walk from our villa.

It is a very urbanized area with many attractions, restaurants, bars, various shops, spas, beach clubs or even nightclubs. Close to all amenities and places to relax and have fun, the beaches are accessible even on foot which makes this area very attractive! It is also where Seminyak Square is located where you can stroll and get souvenirs of Bali. You will also be very close to the beach and the various Beach Club along the coast.

For all the food, party, spa, shopping lovers, you will find heaven just on your door step. Between western food restaurant,” Ultimo”,” Metis”… fashionable bar, “red carpet”, “la Favela” and many other you will never be able to satisfied all your holiday curiosity.

Complete address Villa Carissa

Jl. Mertasari No.3
Seminyak, Kuta Utara, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung
Bali 80361, Indonesia

Villa Carissa exact location: Google search: Villa Carissa Seminyak

Villa Carissa WhatsApp phone number: +628113526000

How to Protect Yourself & Others during COVID

Cara Melindungi Diri Sendiri & Orang Lain selama COVID

Please read: MEDICINES IN BALI | Preparing for your trip to Bali

1.     Get Vaccinated and stay up to date on your COVID-19 vaccines.

2.     Wear a mask

3.     Stay 2 meters (around 6 feet) away from others

4.     Avoid poorly ventilated spaces and crowds

5.     Test to prevent spread to others

6.     Wash your hands often

7.     Cover coughs and sneezes

8.     Clean and disinfect

9.     Monitor your health daily

10.   Follow recommendations for quarantine and/or isolation

11.   Take precautions when you travel

1.     Dapatkan Vaksinasi dan ikuti perkembangan terbaru tentang vaksin COVID-19 Anda.    

2.     Pakai masker

3.     Tetap berjarak 2 meter (sekitar 6 kaki) dari orang lain

4.     Hindari ruang dan keramaian yang berventilasi buruk

5.     Tes untuk mencegah penyebaran ke orang lain

6.     Sering cuci tangan

7.     Menutupi saat batuk dan bersin

8.     Bersihkan dan disinfeksi

9.     Pantau kesehatan Anda setiap hari

10.   Ikuti rekomendasi untuk karantina dan/atau isolasi

11.   Ambil tindakan pencegahan saat Anda bepergian

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