Fun Water Sports Activities in Bali | Jet Ski, Flying fish, Parasailing, Banana boat and Flyboard…

Fun Water Sports Activities in Bali | Jet Ski, Flying fish, Parasailing, Banana boat and Flyboard…

Fun Water Activities in Bali For You to Try or Re-Try

There is no limit to have fun in this tropical island called Bali, often called the Land of the Gods. Bali truly has everything one could want for a vacation. The culture, the art, the traditions, the food and more simply the warmth of the people, the shining sun and the sand tickling your feet would be enough to make anyone depressed at the thought of leaving this sublime destination. You can take your stay to the next level with fun water sports activities in Bali, such as: jet ski, flying fish, parasailing, banana boat and flyboard…

Although many imagine partying in Seminyak or lazing on the beach during an island vacation, the daredevil flock to the island for more than fun in the sun. It takes a lot of courage to venture into the world of extreme water sports and pleasures. But being in Bali, you simply cannot fail to try at least one of these thrilling water activities.


Beware, bumps, bruises and scratches will probably show up but they will be totally worth it!

Remember, it is important to warm up before a session to prevent possible injuries and to stay well hydrated in order to limit the aches that are commonplace… Combining strength, agility and flexibility, fun watersports are excellent way to discover sliding sports and work on lateral balance.

Choose from different water sports activities: Flying fish, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Banana boat and Flyboard.

There are many fun water sports organising companies you can choose from, visit each of the official websites and select which one suits you the best. Here are some of the most enjoyable water sports you can experience in Bali:

1. Tanjung Benoa

The locals and international tourists love to do jet ski in Tanjung Benoa because of the calm seawater, and the waves are insignificant. The best conditions to do Fun Water Activities in Bali.

For example, in Jalan Pratama Benoa (Pratama Street), you will find many watersports companies. You can visit the website of Wira Watersports to give you many ideas for fun water sports activities in Bali. Try such as: jet ski, flying fish, parasailing, banana boat and flyboard…

2. Nusa Dua

This excursion will allow you to get your adrenaline pumping by participating in different water sports activities on a beach in Nusa Dua.

You will have the option of parasailing or taking a Flyboard or jetpack for a thrilling ride as you soar over the blue waters. The underwater walking activity will allow you to explore the underwater world by descending up to 7 meters (23ft) below the surface. You can practice other popular activities such as jet-skiing or take a high-speed ride on a banana boat.

3. Sanur

In the east part of Bali, you will find several fun water sports activities in this area. The beaches around Sanur is reputable for families who wants to do fun water sports activities in Bali.

4. Nusa Penida (1 hour boat ride from Sanur)

You can do some watersports to in this part of island such as: jet ski, flying fish, parasailing, banana boat and flyboard… For diving, please click here. Or for snorkelling, please click here.

5. Nusa Lembongan (1 hour boat ride from Sanur)

You can do some watersports to in this part of island such as: jet ski, flying fish, parasailing, banana boat and flyboard… For diving, please click here. Or for snorkelling, please click here.


Prices are approximately only (only for information).

Duration: 2 hours
€15 Parasailing
€11 Banana Boat
€23 Jet Ski with instructor
€23 Fly Fish
€26 Wake Board
€84 Fly Board

Types of fun water sports activities in Bali

Travelers who venture into the heart of the islands of Indonesia are particularly attracted by the beauty of the waters. The nautical activities are numerous and will allow you to discover the destination from another angle.

It will be difficult to do everything, but you can do fun water sports activities in Bali. For examples: jet ski, flying fish, parasailing, banana boat, wakeboard and flyboard…

Jet ski

One of the best water sports, guaranteeing you thrills, is driving jet skis. One of the most popular water sports in Bali, Jet Skiing offers an adrenaline-pumping experience as you speed through the waves. Rent a jet ski and explore Bali’s beautiful coastline while enjoying the thrill of this activity.

To pilot a jet-ski, remember first of all that it is very important to put on a water sports suit and a safety vest. As soon as you get on your jet-ski, once in position, you put the key in the ignition and you turn. On the handlebar, there is a trigger at the level of the right handle.

The principle is simple, when you press the trigger the device accelerates and when you release it decelerates slowly.

On most models, the brake is non-existent and in truth, a jet ski does not need it. For turns, simply turn the handlebars in the desired direction and lean slightly if needed. If you have ever ridden a motorbike, you will easily ride a jet-ski. So give it a try!

Jet ski in Tanjung Benoa Bali
Fun water sports activity in Tanjung Benoa, Bali., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Parasailing is a must-try water sport activity in Bali that offers a spectacular view of the coastline. You will be harnessed to a parachute and pulled by a speedboat, soaring high above the ocean, and feeling the rush of the wind in your face.

Feeling the wing lifting us up on takeoff is a great feeling! And what a nice view… An original way to discover the place!

The principle of this activity to be practiced at sea is simple: the parachutist rises in the air hooked to a parachute sail from the ground or a body of water while being towed quickly by a motor boat. The air inflates the sail and take-off is done from the ground by climbing. It is possible to practice the activity alone or in tandem with an instructor.

At the end of the aerial course, the parachutist can unhook from the cable and descend gradually towards the ground. Landing is done in the water for a departure from a boat. Parasailing has the advantage of being much less dependent on weather conditions than sports parachuting or paragliding.

Parasailing in Tanjung Benoa
Parasailing in Tanjung Benoa, Bali. Christophe95, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


From May to October, the cliffs of the Bukit peninsula allow paragliding with a flight over the coast and a landing on the beach. A good way to enjoy the view and be amazed!

There are many clubs/companies offers several types of programs: 30-minute tandem tours (with a professional of course!); as well as lessons and courses ranging from 2 to 7 days.

Paragliding 1350361
Paragliding. © Nevit Dilmen, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Discover the sensations of the Flyboard

The Flyboard is a relatively new water sport activity that is gaining popularity in Bali. It is a unique experience where you wear a pair of boots that are connected to a jet ski through a hose. The jet ski propels water through the hose and into the boots, allowing you to fly above the water and perform incredible stunts.

Close your eyes and imagine…

You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the cool spray on your face… You balance yourself, you come and go as you please and the jolts give you an exhilarating feeling. Open your eyes and you see, a few meters below you, turquoise water, bordered further by a fringe of sand. Yes, you are balancing in the air, happily riding a flyboard!

Lindsay McQueen making backflip with FlyBoard May, 2014
Lindsay McQueen making a trick called “backflip” with FlyBoard. Natashabelarus at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If it is not always easy to tame the jets of water which allow you to maintain yourself at a certain height, the feeling is nonetheless frankly delicious and promises a day of madness. In Nusa Dua, the Bali Jet Packs club allows you to learn about this breathtaking water sport. Count around US$ 75 for 15 to 20 minutes of pleasure!

Of course, windsurfing, discovery by boat, jet-ski and other surf clubs await you in Nusa Dua… Lovers of nautical activities and sensations, do not hesitate any longer: this is where your happiness lies!

Stand up paddle board (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is a fun and popular activity in Bali that offers a unique way to explore the island’s beautiful waters.

Paddleboarding in Bali is a fun way to ride the waves. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to catch a wave like you would while surfing, or go through the hassle of paddling by hand and then having to wait for the perfect wave.


In an equally exciting atmosphere, Windsurfing, or windsurfing, is intended for people wishing to enjoy a moment of solitude. Alone on your board, whose mast is pushed by the wind, become the master on board and tame the capricious waters of the ocean. The speed will also be there and the wind will be your main thing.

Bali offers several locations where you can try stand up paddle boarding. Some popular spots include Sanur Beach, Echo Beach, Seminyak Beach, and Jimbaran Bay. Each location offers different conditions and experiences, so it’s best to research and choose the one that suits your preferences.

Stand up paddle boarding is an eco-friendly activity that allows you to explore Bali’s waters without damaging the environment. Make sure to follow the rules and guidelines set by the local authorities to ensure the protection of Bali’s marine life and natural resources.


Kitesurfing is a thrilling and popular activity in Bali, attracting adventurers from around the world.

It may not be as popular as regular surfing, but it can definitely take your wave surfing thrills to the next level. Kitesurfing combines surfing with some elements of wakeboarding, and even a bit of kiteboarding. With a little practice, you’ll be able to accelerate and fly over the waves with grace and effortlessness.

Bali offers several locations where you can try kitesurfing, including Sanur Beach, Nusa Dua, and Canggu. Each location offers different conditions, so it’s best to research and choose the one that suits your skill level and preferences.

Kitesurfing Sotavento
Kitesurfing. Chrumps, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kitesurfing is a sporting activity that consists of sliding on the water being towed by a kite wing attached to a harness. The kite wing is pushed by the wind and thanks to a board the practitioner navigates by sliding on the water. This sport is clearly considered a water sport. It’s important to follow the rules and guidelines set by the local authorities and instructors. Make sure to wear appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet and life jacket, and avoid kitesurfing in crowded areas or near obstacles.

Underwater walk (Sea walking)

Have you ever wondered how majestic the underwater fauna is? Take a walk on the seabed of Bali and discover the estuary! Tourists are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment to explore the vast sea and observe marine life and coral reefs up close. Underwater walk is suitable for all ages and skill levels, as no swimming or diving experience is required. However, you should be comfortable walking in water and able to follow the instructions given by the guide.

Compared to other water sports, such as snorkeling or scuba diving, sea walking is a little less difficult. Participants wear a waterproof helmet and use a 6 meter (19.6 ft) ladder for the descent. This activity does not require any diving skills. It is perfect for those who want to experience the ocean without the hassle of diving and it is also suitable for non-swimmers.

Water sports place in Bali for underwater walk: Sanur or Tanjung Benoa

Bali offers several locations where you can try underwater walk, including Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, and Nusa Lembongan. Each location offers a different experience, so it’s best to research and choose the one that suits your preferences.

Give yourself a chance to walk the sea in Sanur or Tanjung Benoa and discover the myriads of fish and coral reefs of the deep sea!

There are several organizers of walk under the sea in Bali. After a boat ride to the reefs, participants don shoes and helmets, which are powered by oxygen tanks on board the boat, providing them with a constant flow of air to breathe underwater.

At 7 meters (23 ft) deep, you can interact freely with the fish while supervising guides in scuba gear watch over you and hand out fish food to attract triggerfish, angelfish, and more other species.

Underwater walk is a unique and exciting way to experience Bali’s marine life. It’s a safe and easy activity suitable for all ages and skill levels. Make sure to add underwater walk to your Bali itinerary for a memorable underwater adventure.

Banana boat

Do you want to know which of your friends or family has less balance and will fall in front of the water?

It’s a thrilling ride where you’ll ride the waves on a banana-shaped inflatable pulled by a motorboat.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with friends or family, try the Banana Boat ride. You will ride on an inflatable banana-shaped raft, towed by a speedboat. As the speedboat accelerates, the raft will bounce across the waves, providing laughter and thrills.

The banana boat allows up to 12 people at a time (or more), making it the perfect adventure to share with your group of friends. Fun is guaranteed!

The Banana Boat is a giant inflatable banana shaped boat that is dragged by a speedboat.

Someone will be in charge of operating the boat to pull the banana boat and taking you through 30 minutes of fun and adventure on the banana, on the waves, with unexpected turns, jumps and overturning attempts!

Flying fish

The Flying Fish is a unique and thrilling activity that is perfect for those seeking a challenge. You will sit on an inflatable raft that is pulled by a speedboat, and as it picks up speed, the raft will lift off the water and fly in the air, giving you a feeling of flight.

The fly fish or “flying fish”, is actually a large inflatable buoy towed and connected to a 115 HP boat by a rope. By gaining speed, the buoy rears up and flies away and can even reach up to 5 m (16.5 ft) in height and hover over 40 m (131 ft).


Wakeboarding is a thrilling water sport activity that you can enjoy in Bali.

You have probably heard of wakeboarding, this sport that many people practice during the summer or during a trip abroad. But then what exactly is wakeboarding?

Initially practiced behind a boat, new means of traction flourish such as the cable, water skiing, jet-skiing or even the thermal winch. From these varied supports are born different schools – wave to wave, blockages, obstacles, urban wakeboarding – even if the basic principle remains the same: that of sliding on the water towed by a rope and a spreader bar.

We sometimes confuse wakeboarding with kitesurfing, for which we use the same type of equipment but which is practiced using a traction wing.

Bali offers several wakeboarding spots, such as Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, and Nusa Dua. Each location offers a different experience, so it’s best to research and choose the one that suits your preferences.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-packed activity in Bali, be sure to add wakeboarding to your itinerary.

With such a diverse range of water sports, Bali ensures that there’s never a dull moment for thrill-seekers and water lovers alike. Remember to prioritize safety and choose reputable operators for your water adventures. Have a blast!

Photo credit (main picture): 3345557 via Pixabay

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