Bali Online Customs Form to Complete | A Complete Guide How to Fill Out the ECD

Bali Online Customs Form to Complete | A Complete Guide How to Fill Out the ECD

Bali online customs form to complete

When traveling to Bali, Indonesia, it is important to be aware of the customs regulations and restrictions on goods that can be brought into the country. Bali Airport is going paperless! All passengers arriving in Bali must complete a customs declaration form, which is also known as the “Customs Declaration Card”. This form is available in English and must be filled out accurately and truthfully. In this article, we will explain and give you the link for Bali online customs form to complete

The customs declaration form requires travelers to provide information about themselves, their travel details, and the goods they are bringing into Bali.

This form is used by the Indonesian customs officials to determine whether the passengers are carrying any restricted or prohibited items, and to assess the duty and taxes that may be applicable.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the Bali Customs Declaration Form:

If you’re traveling to Bali and need to fill out the Bali Customs Declaration Form, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you through the process, from providing personal information and flight details to declaring any goods or foreign currency you may be carrying, and submitting the form to the customs officer upon your arrival at the Bali airport.

1. Go to Electronic Bali Customs Declaration Form

The Bali Customs Declaration Form can be downloaded from the Indonesian customs website or obtained at the airport upon arrival. This is the official link for the form of ECD (Electronic Customs Declaration), available for free:

Bali online customs form to complete 4 DAYS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED ARRIVAL IN INDONESIA.

This link is no longer working (link has been deactivated, to fill out the Electronic Customs Declaration (E-CD) please use link above).

2. Fill Out Personal and Travel Information in Customs Declaration (BC 2.2)

Fill out your personal information, including your full name, passport number, flight number, and arrival date and time. This Customs Declaration (BC 2.2) is required to pass through customs on arrival in Indonesia.

Page 1: Information of Passenger
  • Provide information about your travel, including your country of origin, final destination, and the length of your stay in Bali.
  • Place of Arrival: Bali (DPS) / Ngurah Rai.
  • Address in Indonesia – hotel name / residential address: or a villa that you rent.
  • Date of Arrival (DD-MM-YYYY): Make sure the arrival date is as stated on the ticket.
  • Flight / Voyage / Other Carrier Number: Last flight arrival stated in the boarding pass.
Page 2: Fill out additional data
  • Number of accompanied baggage: (example: 3 Packages).
  • Number of unaccompanied Baggage: (example: 0).
  • Number of family members travelling with you – only for passenger: Fill if you are travelling with your family. (Family members other than you)
Page 3: Information of Goods (3rd page): you answer YES or NO only!
  • a. Animals, fish and plants including their products.
  • b. Narcotics, psychotropic substances, precursors, drugs, fire arms, air guns, sharp objects, ammunitions, explosives, pornography objects
  • c. Currency and/or bearer negotiable instrument in Rupiah or other currencies which equal to the amount of 100 million Rupiah or more.
  • d. Foreign banknotes which equal to the amount of 1 Billion Rupiah or more
  • e. More than 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 100 grams of sliced tobacco, and 1 liter of alcoholic beverages (for Passenger); or more than 40 cigarettes or 10 cigars or 40 grams of sliced tobacco, and 350 milliliter of alcoholic beverages (for Crew)
  • f. Goods purchased/obtained abroad and will remain in Indonesia with total value USD 500.00 per person (for passenger); or USD 50.00 per person (for crew)
  • g. Import goods that are not considered as personal effect (unreasonable quantity for personal use or component used for industrial purposes)
  • h. Carrying goods from Indonesia which declare BC 3.4
Page 4: IMEI REGISTRATION (Handphone, Handheld Computer, and Tablet)

Handphones, handheld computers, and tablet computers obtained from abroad that have not registered IMEI.

Foreigners who are going to stay less than 90 days in Indonesia, will not be necessary to register your IMEI.

IMEI 1:*
Brand :*
Type :*
Currency :*
Value :*
Owner :*

Customs Declaration for goods information (important!)

Declare all the goods that you are bringing into Bali. This includes items such as electronics, jewelry, currency, food, and medications.

Goods information (complete the goods list information, if not, you can choose “no”),

Declare all goods

Declare all the goods you are bringing into Bali, including electronics, jewelry, currency, food, and medications. It is essential to declare all goods, including goods you may not need to pay a duty or tax on. Nonetheless, each passenger is granted an exemption of USD 500 per person when traveling to Bali / Indonesia.

Should you carry items exceeding this exemption value, any surplus will be subject to taxation. Read also: MEDICINES IN BALI | Preparing for your trip to Bali

Registration of the IMEI (if necessary), if you need to use your mobile phone with Indonesian SIM number

Register your IMEI if you wish to stay for more than 90 days. For more info, please read: Things To Do When Arriving at Bali Airport (DPS) | Tips for Every Traveler As Soon As We Land



*Important* 5 day amnesty for registering IMEI does not apply unless quarantine is required. To obtain the $500 tax free portion registration of IMEI must be done on arrival at the airport.

Declare if you bring more than aproximately: USD 6,500 or AUD 9,900 or EUR 6,100 or GBP 5,200

Any person bringing cash into or taking cash out of the country in the amount of Rp. 100,000,000 (one hundred million Rupiahs) or more, or other currency in equivalent amount, must declare same to Customs.

If you fail to declare it, administration penalty is applicable (administration penalty is charged 10% from the amount of cash, in accordance to the regulation of Indonesia Ministry of Finance n° 100 in 2018).

  • Tell them the reason why you need to bring this money (holiday, paying hotels, villas, restaurants?)… Or else, you can bring your credit card or one of the cheapest is by using Wise card.
4. E Signature (page 5: Agreement)

Sign and date the form electronically.

The Regulation regarding the import of Passenger’s Goods can be found here: (in Indonesian).

For further information, kindly refer to: or contact the authorities directly at:

Submit the Form!

It is important to note that failure to declare goods on the customs declaration form can result in penalties and fines. If you are unsure about whether an item is allowed, it is recommended that you declare it and seek advice from the customs officials.

CHECK: I hereby declare that I have understood the regulation on passenger’s goods import and have made a truthful declaration.

5. Get QR code after registration

You can download or take a screenshot of the QR code or check your email (don’t forget to check your spam too). The best is to take a screen shot of your QR code too + safe it to your mobile phone and/or send it to your email.

6. After completing the form, submit it to the Indonesian customs officers upon arrival in Bali

Show your QR code and the customs officer at the arrival airport will scan the QR code and proceed to verification.

E-CD (Electronic Customs Declaration) Filling Tutorial

For more information on customs regulations and restrictions in Bali, please visit the official website of Indonesian customs:

Immigration arrival hall at DPS airport (International Bali Airport)
Immigrations arrival hall and its counters at international I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport (Tips for Bali Airport, as soon as we land)., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Entry Requirements to Bali and Navigating Stay Visas in Indonesia

IMPORTANT! If you go out from Indonesia and bring more than IDR 100 milion (aproximately: USD 6,500 or AUD 9,900 or EUR 6,100)

Exit Indonesia (BC 3.2 and BC 3.4)

  • Carrying Bank Notes and/or Bearer Negotiable Instruments which equal to the amount of 100 million Rupiahs or more.
  • Carrying returnable goods to Indonesia for later on.

You MUST declare it here: (select English at the top right corner).

Passing through Customs, How will it happen?

In general, customs officers in Bali are not overzealous nor fiery. They do not systematically search the luggage, and are especially careful not to let in prohibited products. Their control will focus on the validity of the visa (you must not exceed the date of return), and any prohibited products that have no right of entry into Balinese territory.

Strict limitations

When going through customs in Bali, some products are allowed but with strict limitations, while others are absolutely prohibited. In terms of authorized but limited items: you can enter Indonesia with a maximum of 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 100 grams of tobacco and 1 liter of alcohol. If you buy perfume at the airport, do not overdo the quantity of products. Sources:

If you need to know about customs and excise, there are several important links you should be aware of, such as:

Don’t bring this to Indonesia

When entering the country, please be aware that the import of weapons, ammunition, narcotics, televisions, tapes, radios, and any materials related to pornography is strictly prohibited. Additionally, Chinese medicines or items with Chinese inscriptions are not allowed. When returning, exercise caution and refrain from bringing any antiques with you, as this is also prohibited.

For further information, kindly refer to: or contact the authorities directly at:

Going through customs to reach Bali is an important formality. You must have previously prepared all the documents necessary for entry into the country, namely your passport, the validated tourist visa and any other document that is necessary (international driving permit). Likewise, you must be careful about the goods that are in your possession, and not exceed the rules in force with regard to the products authorized or not, or in a limited way.

Once you have cleared immigration

Once you have cleared immigration, you will be able to collect your luggage and proceed to the airport’s exit. Keep in mind that there may be additional security checks, so be prepared to have your bags screened again.

Once you have completed the Customs form

Once you have completed the form, proceed to the customs inspection area, where your luggage and carry-on items will be screened. If you have any goods that need to be declared, you may be asked to present them to the customs officer for inspection. It is important to note that certain goods such as drugs, weapons, and pornographic materials are strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

After your luggage has been screened and cleared by customs

Congratulations! You have successfully cleared Bali customs and are now free to explore the beautiful island of Bali. Whether you are here for a short stay or an extended trip, there is plenty to see and do in this tropical paradise. Read also: Things To Do in Bali and What to Visit, Where To Go While Vacationing in Bali? (Top Attractions)

First things first, if you have not arranged transportation to your hotel or accommodation, you can find a taxi or ride-sharing service right outside the airport. Make sure to only use authorized and licensed transportation services to avoid scams and ensure your safety. Please read this: Bali Airport PickUp, Drop-Off Service, Excursion, Travel and Transportation Services at Villa Carissa and How to Take a Taxi in Bali Without Getting Scammed or Cheated?

Things To Do in Bali and What to Visit, Where To Go While Vacationing in Bali? (Top Attractions)

Things To Do When Arriving at Bali Airport (DPS) | Tips for Every Traveler As Soon As We Land


Please note that the information provided in the Bali customs declaration form is for general guidance purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information, we make no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, about the reliability, suitability, or availability of the form for any particular purpose.

The article on Bali online customs form to complete is not intended to provide legal advice or replace official guidance from Indonesian customs authorities. It is the responsibility of the traveler to comply with all customs regulations and requirements.

Entry Requirements to Bali and Navigating Stay Visas in Indonesia

Photo credit (main picture): website of DIREKTORAT JENDERAL BEA DAN CUKAI (Directorate General of Customs and Excise)

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