What to do and visit in Bali for 1 week | 7-day Itinerary | A Taste of Bali

What to do and visit in Bali for 1 week | 7-day Itinerary | A Taste of Bali

What to do and visit in Bali for 1 week

You have 1 week ahead of you (which is short to visit Bali) and you want to relax? What to do and visit in Bali for 1 week ? We suggest you wander around the south of Bali with relaxation as the main theme!
Explore the island of 1001 temples to learn about the country’s own relaxation techniques while learning about its culture and history.

5 things to remember if you’re planning a trip to Bali (and reading this article quickly). What to do and visit in Bali for 1 week?

  1. Yes Bali is a mass tourism destination, yet there are plenty of places where you hardly feel the tourism, see just an almost nice tourism (that is to say where everything is easy and available to rent a scooter and do your detergent without however being “too much”).
  2. The importance of Instagram is really palpable in Bali because the profile of travelers is sometimes very different from the rest of Southeast Asia, all the places known for Instagram are shielded or downright unbearable (like Pura Lempuyang… but if the temple with the 2 gates and the volcano in the background).
  3. Bali is a beach destination, rice fields, we talk about volcanoes, we talk about temples…
  4. The culture precisely, despite the significant tourism Bali has managed to preserve its soul and its culture, the ceremonies are incessant, the temples everywhere and the Balinese really seem to still follow a very traditional way of life.
  5. The Top 4 of the most famous names (Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud).

Bali is a tropical paradise that offers a range of experiences for travelers. If you’re planning a 1-week trip to Bali, here’s a 7-day itinerary to help you make the most of your time on the island:


Arrival in Bali.
Take your head quarter at the hotel, savor the heat, put on your summer outfit and enjoy your first day of vacation quietly by renting a bike, for example, for a reconnaissance of your foot on the ground and a ride in the surroundings.

Renting a motorbike costs next to nothing in Bali, think about it throughout your stay.


Direction Kuta or Seminyak in the south of Bali, one of the major resorts on the island. Take the day to relax on the magnificent beaches of the surroundings, up to Seminyak, and indulge in a whole range of water sports, in short, the seaside pleasures are yours! In the evening, Kuta comes alive frankly for a long evening in the bars.

If you are looking for a lively area, stay in Seminyak! It is a chic and trendy place where you will find many restaurants, bars and shops.

South of Seminyak is Kuta Beach, popular with locals and backpackers. The seaside resort of Sanur is ideal for those traveling with the family: its miles of beautiful white sand beaches, its wide range of accommodation and its very good restaurants make this destination a calm place where you won’t get bored. If you are looking for comfort, the seaside resort of Nusa Dua offers several high-end hotels. It is also known for its magnificent fine sandy beaches. Seminyak is more chic destination!


Leave the tourist bustle of the south for the day to reach the interior. Stop in Ubud, renowned as the center of cultural tourism in Bali. Visit the city, its museums, the temples, then explore the surroundings, discover fantastic landscapes of rice fields, other temples, villages…

The heart of Bali is dominated by magnificent terraces of verdant rice fields overlooking hills and rivers. The city of Ubud is a step not to be missed! It is a small town of artists, in which many art galleries have settled.

Go to Tegal Alang Rice Terrace (rice fields), sacred temples Tirta Empul and Gunung Kawi. If you have time, add a coffee plantation visit with tasting of the most expensive Luwak coffee in the world since it comes from animals!

For nature lovers, visit the Sacred Monkey Forest. It is a nature reserve with more than 600 free-roaming macaques. Come and admire them swinging from tree to tree, it’s a very amusing sight!

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Back to the sea, with a day devoted exclusively to the seabed. Find a diving club to organize a trip to the sea: there are many clubs, as well as diving spots, suitable for all levels. Beginners will like to try snorkeling (mask and snorkel).


Go to the northeast of the island, towards the volcanoes. Prepare a day of walking on the side of Mount Batur and the lake of the same name. Be careful to adapt your hiking route to your level… Other possible routes are possible, such as Lake Agung, a real trek this time.


Head to the southern tip of Bali, along the spectacular Uluwatu cliffs. Here, some impressive surf spots, reserved for the most experienced! Some nice beaches too. For beginners and others, join Kuta and rent a surfboard on the beach: around here, the sandy beaches and much smaller waves are perfect for learning.


To recover from your vacation, take advantage of this last day to treat yourself to treatments in a spa center, or discover the benefits of Balinese massages.

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We know that a week in Bali is very short! but you can aways goback… What to do and visit in Bali for 1 week?

Visiting Bali in a week seems mission impossible as this island is full of cultural riches of all kinds! We have taken up the bet!

Day 1: Direction Tanah Lot to see the famous temple on the island accessible only to low marsh without forgetting a folk dinner with Balinese dances.

Day 2: Direction Ubud to visit the Monkey Forest and the Water Palace. Take the opportunity to take a tour of the market and enjoy an invigorating Balinese massage!

Day 3: Leave Ubud by scooter to go to Tegalalang Rice Terrace (rice fields), the sacred temples Tirta Empul and Gunung Kawi. If you have time, add a coffee plantation visit with tasting of the most expensive Luwak coffee in the world since it comes from animals!

Day 4: Excursion to the mountains to see the Ulun Danu Beratan temple and hike to the Gigit Waterfalls or Sekumpul Waterfalls, as desired.

Day 5: Direction Amed for scuba diving in a wreck and snorkeling in a field of anemones!

Day 6: Direction the water palace of Tirta Gangga and the temple of Lempuyang with its famous Gate of Paradise facing Mount Agung.

Finally, Day 7: direction Sanur for a lazy beach day before your departure or Nusa Dua for a final visit to Uluwatu Temple on the cliffs with its monkeys. If you can, add two days on the island of Nusa Lembongan which is well worth the detour!

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