From Bali to Bromo

If Indonesia is studded with volcanoes, Mount Bromo, on Java, offers with its immensity and surreal beauty one of the most incredible natural spectacles in the whole country. The fastest way to go from Bali to Bromo takes 3 hours 30 minutes. First of all you need to take a plane from Bali Airport (DPS) to Surabaya (SUB) around 1 hour, then drive from Surabaya to Bromo Cemoro Lawang (the village closest to Mount Bromo) takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. Or you can drive from Bali to Bromo takes 10 hours.

To live new experiences and meet great people. The trip opened our eyes and especially the doors to new worlds. Culminating at 2389 meters above sea level, Mount Bromo is one of the many active volcanoes of Indonesians, located east of the island of Java. This volcano is part of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Its crater is 200 meters deep and has a diameter of 800 meters.

Mount Bromo has a vast crater (10 km in diameter, the result of the violent volcanic history of the Tengger caldera) seems “pierced” by the often smoking peak of Bromo. Huge plains of ash and volcanic sand stretch to the towering crater cliffs, and the nearby peaks of Kursi and Batok appear as menacing companions to Bromo. The crater is best seen filling the horizon at sunrise. In order to see this admirable scorched-earth landscape, 4×4 excursions depart around 3:30 am from the nearby town of Cemoro Lawang.

Morning atmosphere on Mount Bromo, East Java. Hasiholan Siahaan XIV, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3 Ways to get from Bali to Bromo

By plane and car

Flying is by far the fastest and easiest way to reach Bromo from Bali. The flight from Bali Airport to Surabaya (SUB) takes 1 hour and then drive from Surabaya to Bromo takes 2 hours 30 minutes.

What airline companies run direct flight services from Bali and Bromo?
Driving from Bali to Bromo

By car from Bali to Bromo takes 10 hours.

From Surabaya to Bromo

By bus from Bali to Surabaya, then to Cemoro Lawang (the village closest to Mount Bromo)

This is the most used route to get there. To get there from Surabaya, you have to go to the Bungarasih bus terminal (also called Purabaya) and then from there take a bus to Probolinggo. From Probolinggo it is then possible to take a minibus to Cemoro Lawang (the village closest to Mount Bromo).

How to get to Mount Bromo by bus or train?

From Probolinggo: by bus

Probolinggo is the nearest big city to Mount Bromo, located in North Java. You can get to Probolinggo by bus (or train, see below) from Surabaya: go to Bus Terminal Bungurasih the bus station located south of Surabaya to catch a bus that will take you to Probolinggo. The trip is inexpensive (50,000 IDR on average) and takes about 2 hours. You can book a bus ticket on this site

Once you arrive in Probolinggo, you can take a minibus to the village of Cemoro Lawang. The price per person is IDR 35,000 if the bus is full (about 15 seats).

From Surabaya: by train

You can also take the train from Surabaya to Probolinggo and then a minibus from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang. The train station in Surabaya to get to Probolinggo is called Surabaya Gudeng, economy class train tickets cost on average IDR 30,000 (yes, it’s cheaper than the bus!) and the trip also takes 2 hours. To book a train ticket, the best site is, a reliable site for booking train tickets, planes and hotels in Indonesia.

In summary, the best way to see the sunrise at Mount Bromo is to do the trip: Surabaya – Probolinggo – Cemoro Lawang 🙂

Crater of Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia, 20220820 0558 9456
Crater of Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia. Jakub Hałun, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Everything you need to know to organize your hike to Mount Bromo in Java

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a national park located in the east of the island of Java in Indonesia. It is made up of a mountainous region whose highest point is Mount Semeru at 3,676 m, the highest peak in Java. The Tengger Massif and Mount Bromo are part of the park. There are also 4 lakes: Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo and Ranu Darungan, and about fifty rivers.

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Bromo sunrise May2014
Sunrise in the steaming crater of Mount Bromo with stately Mount Semeru imposing in the background. Alec.bernstein, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The preparation to climb Mount Bromo

From the village of Cemoro Lawang: on foot or by jeep

Cemoro Lawang is the village at the foot of Mount Bromo where most visitors come to sleep before climbing to see the sunrise. This village is accessible from Probolinggo and you will easily find hotels or guesthouses there. From Cemoro Lawang, count about 1 hour of walking to go to Mount Bromo, or you can directly rent a jeep in a group (5 to 6 people depending on whether you take a driver) for IDR 400,000.

Departure by jeep and climb

To see the sunrise at Mount Bromo, you leave around 3:30 am from Cemoro Cawang. If you rent a jeep, allow 1 hour to reach the starting point of Mount Bromo. The distance is short but there is a horde of jeeps on the road so it goes really very slowly…

Then the jeep drops you at the starting point and you walk under a beautiful starry sky (if the weather is good) until reach the viewpoint overlooking Mount Bromo and its crater. The ascent on foot is widely accessible even for the less athletic, and takes barely 1 hour (45 minutes to be exact).

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Arrival at the summit for sunrise

Once you get to the viewpoint, the view is simply spectacular! It is without exaggerating one of the most beautiful landscapes of Java. You can have a local breakfast at the top: banana fritters (pisang goreng) fried with the means at hand right before your eyes, which adds so much charm to this unique experience. And for really nothing: 2,000 IDR each! You can also buy hot or cold drinks.

Descent to the sea of sand then ascent of the smoking crater

A small crossing of the “sand sea” leads me at the foot of the Bromo.

Then you descend and return to the jeep around 6:30 a.m. to see the smoking crater. Again, the scenery is breathtaking. A sea of black sand stretching as far as the eye can see, locals moving from one point to another on their horses, itinerant sellers of bananas, masks, ponchos and souvenirs of all kinds…

To see the crater, you have to take a staircase of about 200 steps, but the ascent is very easy. This is the only downside: there are so many people that you take a break every 2 steps.

Exploring Bromo National Park

Once you arrive at Bromo National Park, there are several activities and attractions to explore:

  • Sunrise viewpoint: Watching the sunrise over Mount Bromo is the most popular activity in the area. You can hike up to the viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan to watch the sunrise, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and caldera.
  • Bromo Crater: The Bromo Crater is an active volcano that last erupted in 2019, and hiking to the crater offers a unique experience of getting up close to an active volcano.
  • Sea of Sand: The area surrounding Bromo is known as the Sea of Sand, a vast expanse of sand that covers the caldera floor, giving the area an otherworldly and surreal feel.
  • Other scenic spots: The area around Bromo has several scenic spots, such as the Savanna and
  • Whispering Sands, offering stunning views of the mountains and caldera.
  • Cultural experiences: The Tenggerese people, who live around Bromo, have their own unique culture and traditions, adding a cultural element to your visit to Bromo National Park.

Tips and Useful information

Is a guide mandatory for Mount Bromo?

No, you do not need a guide at all to climb Mount Bromo. On the other hand, it is strongly recommended to rent a jeep and a driver because the climb to the starting point of Mount Bromo is really long on foot and complicated because you take the same road as all the jeeps. Almost no one does it on foot.

Mount Bromo (2012)
Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia. 22Kartika, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What to bring?
  • Warm clothes: hat, gloves, sweater… It is really cold at the top, you will be very happy to be covered while waiting for sunrise.
  • Torch or headlamp: depending on the tour you take, it will not always be provided so it is better to have your own lamp.
  • 1L of water/person and a few snacks: once the sun is up, it is really hot on the sea of sand and above the crater. And apart from pisang goreng and bananas, there is no food on site so don’t forget to bring your own.
  • A scarf or something to protect you from the dust: on the sea of sand and going up the crater there is a lot of dust, so if you have a scarf or a cloth to cover your mouth and nose, it can be very practical. Otherwise, they sell pharmacy masks on site.
  • Wear sturdy shoes for hiking to the summit of Mount Bromo.
  • Hire a jeep or a motorcycle for exploring the area, as it can be difficult to navigate the rugged terrain on foot.
  • Respect the local culture and traditions, and ask for permission before taking pictures of people.

In conclusion, a visit to Bromo National Park is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed when traveling to Indonesia. With its stunning natural beauty, unique cultural experiences, and adventurous activities, Bromo National Park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Photo credit: Andhika Bayu Nugraha, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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