Best Rafting Spots in Bali | Places and Guide to do Raftings

Best Rafting Spots in Bali | Places and Guide to do Raftings

Best Rafting Spots in Bali

Want a good dose of adrenaline? Here are the best rafting spots in Bali to discover!

Are you looking for new activities to do in Bali? Rafting is an original and fun way to explore the landscapes of the Indonesian island, and to meet its flora and fauna. Don’t worry – rafting in Bali is not dangerous at all.

Feel the thrills of the river as you raft past jungle scenery, wildlife, and river beaches.

There are three main rafting spots in Bali, which are the Agung, Telaga Waja and Melangit rivers. In the heart of lush nature, live an extraordinary experience aboard an inflatable boat, while being supervised by a professional! We present these three must-do Bali rafting spots to help you find the adventure that’s right for you. There are many rafting organising companies you can choose from, visit each of the official websites and select which one suits you the best.

Not recommended for travelers with back problems, no heart problems or other serious medical conditions!

GOOD TO KNOW for the international rafting class system

International scale for river difficulty or rapids are classified into 6 levels, as follows:

1: very easy (calm and regular course, small currents and eddies, and slight slopes)
2: easy (slightly uneven course, weak rapids and simple obstacles)
3: intermediate (irregular course with waves and eddies, marked currents and some visible obstacles)
4: difficult (technical rapids, powerful waves and rolls, significant elevation changes and invisible obstacles)
5: very difficult (very technical rapids, strong waves, dangerous obstacles, whirlpools / violent rapids and significant drops)
6: almost impassable

To practice them, you will need:

– a suitable outfit
– a helmet
– a life jacket
– shoes that fit on your feet

Most of the time, the equipment is loaned by the organizers. Remember to take old shoes that hold your feet well to avoid losing them in the event of a lurch (move wildly down path)!

Prices (for information only)

For 1 Person around : IDR 750.000 (Solo Traveler) 2 Person : IDR 500.000/person. 3 Person : IDR 400.000/person. 4 Person : IDR 375.000/person.

1. Ayung River, Ubud

Level: 2-3
Duration of the descent: 2h
Distance: 12km (7.4 miles)

Ayung is simply the widest and longest river in Bali. Located in the Ubud region, it extends over nearly 70 kilometers. It forms in the mountains in the north of the island, crosses the regions of Bangli, Badung and Gianyar, before flowing into the Badung Strait in Sanur. From Seminyak to Ayung River rafting will take 56 minutes drive by car.

With its many rapids, this river is the perfect playground for those who wish to practice rafting in Bali.

Rafting, Ayung Valley River, Ubud (15194218411)
Ayung River Rafting, Ubud. Fabio Achilli from Milano, Italy, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The rafting course

Ayung offers a whitewater rafting course of about 12 kilometers, or between 1h30 and 2h30 of descent. Along the water, you can then appreciate all the diversity of Bali’s landscapes: the valley, lush forests, brilliant green rice fields or even majestic waterfalls such as the Tegenungan waterfall.

The average power of Ayung falls is estimated at 2-3. The river has only a few rocks, rough passages and small falls. Overall, this rafting spot remains family friendly and the proposed route is accessible to as many people as possible. Is this your first time? The Ayung River is therefore a favorable spot for a rafting baptism in Bali.

Note however that in the rainy season, when the water level increases and medium waves form, it can go to force 4. Under these conditions, a first experience of rafting or any other activity with a paddle is highly recommended.

Useful information

The Ayung River is ideally located since it is only a 20min drive from Ubud or 1h30 from Kuta. Thus, you will find in the city many agencies offering rafting excursions on the day or half-day. Most include pickup and drop-off at your accommodation, plus lunch.

The price of a rafting excursion on the Ayung River in Bali is between 5€ and 65€ per person depending on the offers. But like almost everything in Bali, it is always possible to negotiate the price directly with the agency.

Note: you will have to go up and down hundreds of steps to access the river.

2. Telaga Waja River

Level: 1-2 (with a class 3 pass)
Duration of the descent: 3h
Distance: 17km (10.5 miles)

The clear water of Telaga Waja flows in the Sidemen area in the east of the island of Bali, Indonesia. This river has its sources at Mount Abang, crosses the Rendang region and finally flows into the Bali Sea.

With its currents and numerous waterfalls, the wild river of Telaga Waja is ideal for rafting in Bali.

The course

With nearly 17km of track, the Telaga Waja River offers the longest white water rafting course in Bali. It takes about 3 hours to complete this descent. Rafting in Bali is an opportunity to observe the panorama of green rice fields, mountains, rocky cliffs, jungle and waterfalls from an unprecedented perspective. A real immersion in the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is what awaits you on Telaga Waja!

The Telaga Waja rapids are classified as strength 1-2, and include a class 3 passage. Thus, this rafting spot is suitable for everyone, even beginners and/or children.

Using your paddle and your team spirit, you will overcome the torrents, tight turns, twists and a few slopes of this exceptional course. Finally, you will finish your race by taking up a major challenge: jumping from a five-meter-high water dam! Thrills guaranteed!

Useful information

This Bali rafting spot is located in Karangasem, north of Sidemen, about 2 hours drive from Kuta. You will find the excursion of your dreams in any agency on the island. If you are not there, departures are offered from most tourist towns in Bali.

Do you want to go rafting in Bali on Telaga Waja? It will still be necessary to count between 20€ and 65€ per person depending on the service. However, it is up to you to negotiate the best price! Hotel pickup and drop-off, lunch, and a guide are usually included in the price.

Good to know: access to the start and finish requires only a little walking.

3. Melangit Klungkung River

Level: 2-3
Duration of the descent: 1h30
Distance: 8km (5 miles)

Melangit Klungkung River is in Bakas Village, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung Regency, Bali. Melangit passes through unspoiled rainforest. It is considered one of the most beautiful Balinese rivers for rafting.

The course

At 8km long, the Melangit River rafting trail is shorter than those of the Ayung and Telaga Waja rivers. With multiple twists, drops and rocks, however, it requires some maneuvering, which makes it very exciting! By opting for this rafting spot in Bali, be ready to marvel throughout the journey in the heart of this tropical rainforest. In addition, remember to look up during periods of calm to try to see the wild animals hiding there!

Intermediate level, this course is more suitable for adventure lovers and/or people who have already practiced rafting. It counts more than thirty rapids, from 1 to 4 meters in height, a sharp bend and fast currents. So expect to get watered!

Useful information

Melangit Klungkung rafting spot is located 45min drive from Ubud and 1 hour from Denpasar. On site, the car park is only a 5-minute walk from the starting point of the course. At the point of arrival, you will reach the car park from the bank in less than 10 minutes on foot. As with other rafting spots in Bali, you will have the choice between going directly to the starting point or being picked up by the agency selected for your excursion. The pickup schedule will depend on where you are staying in Bali.

The average price of the service with transport, the presence of a guide and lunch included is €25 per person. Nevertheless, this price can obviously vary according to the agency, the content of the excursion and your bargaining power!

So, what are you waiting for to book your rafting session in Bali?

Photo credit: julianomarini via Pixabay

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